Feature Image for ENGIE Hawai‘i to Discuss Proposed Clean Energy Project on TV Town Hall Meeting May 26

ENGIE Hawai‘i to Discuss Proposed Clean Energy Project on TV Town Hall Meeting May 26

ENGIE Hawai‘i has proposed a solar + energy storage project near Puakō to bring more clean, affordable energy to Hawai‘i Island.

Our project was selected by Hawaiian Electric to be part of the largest expansion of renewable energy in their history, and is now being reviewed by the Public Utilities Commission. We are also working to complete the environmental studies and reports required by federal, state, and county government. Should this review be successful and the project moves forward, we will continue to engage the community as we complete the governmental regulatory process to build.

Bringing More Clean Energy to Hawai‘i Island

ENGIE Hawai‘i’s proposed solar + energy storage project in the Puako area will generate 60 megawatts of clean energy and store it in batteries – enough to power 36,000 households day and night without the use of fossil fuels.

infographic: Powering 36,000 (house icon) households day & night

This project will reduce Hawai‘i Island’s carbon emissions, bring stability to prices, and protect our environment for future generations.

Learn More and Join the Discussion

Most importantly, we are working to connect with you. We held a televised town hall last April, just after the global pandemic began, bringing so much change to our community and the world.

We will be holding another televised town hall on Wednesday, May 26 at 6 p.m. on Na Leo TV. Tune in on cable channel 54, or online at naleo.tv.

We invite you to join us to get updates on community efforts in the area, see the latest on our project, hear from members of our team, and send in your questions that we can answer live on the air.

You can also find updates at ENGIE-Hawaii.com, follow us on social media, and connect with us by call or text to our dedicated hotline at 808-315-5531. If you would like to submit comments on the project, please send them to info@ENGIEHawaii.com.

We hope to work with you to make this project a success for the community, for Hawai‘i Island, and for our planet. Aloha!

About ENGIE Hawai‘i

ENGIE is an experienced provider of clean, affordable energy around the world, in the Pacific, and in Hawai‘i. ENGIE Hawai‘i brings global expertise to our local energy challenges through a team of kama‘aina who have been serving Hawai‘i for over a decade. The team working on this project is based on Hawai‘i Island, O‘ahu, and the Continental U.S.

Supporting People

We believe the common good is good for all. ENGIE supports people around the world by delivering clean, affordable, renewable energy to support strong communities and economies.

Saving Money

Expanding our islands’ renewable generation reduces our reliance on imported fossil fuel and ever-changing costs. Clean renewable energy is not only the right thing to do, it is the cost-effective thing to do.

Protecting The Environment

ENGIE is working to shape the transition to a carbon- neutral economy to protect and preserve our planet. We think globally and act locally to preserve the home we share.