Maui Waena

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Harnessing Maui’s renewable energy potential

ENGIE Hawaiʻi’s proposed energy storage project on Maui will enable more renewable power generation by adding capacity to Maui’s electrical grid – clean energy without compromising stability.

This project, proposed for Central Maui, offers the capacity to accept more renewable energy onto the Hawaiian Electric grid, which could displace tens of thousands of barrels of imported oil every year. The project will enable the supply of lower cost electricity to Hawaiian Electric, and help Maui come closer to achieving its 2045 mandates of carbon neutrality and 100% renewable energy on the grid.

ENGIE Hawaiʻi’s team brings together the global project development expertise of ENGIE, the world’s leader in cost effective zero-carbon transition solutions, with over a decade of local understanding of Hawaiʻi’s community and unique challenges. This global-local approach results in world-class projects that move Hawaiʻi forward.

Affordable, clean energy when it is needed most

Peak Load Management Solution diagram

Battery energy storage systems are designed to capture and store electricity and discharge it at a time of day it is needed most, allowing the delivery of affordable, clean energy to Maui customers around the clock.

Why was this project proposed?

ENGIE Hawai‘i is one of several companies who proposed clean energy projects to Hawaiian Electric as part of an effort to bring more clean, affordable energy to customers.

What happens next?

Hawaiian Electric will select projects in May to be built over the next two years. Should our projects be selected, we will continue to engage the community as we go through the regulatory process to receive permission to build.

Rendering of ENGIE Hawaiʻi’s proposed Maui Waena energy storage project

3D rendering of the Maui Waena energy storage site

Proposer Name

ENGIE Development LLC

Parent Company


Project Name

Maui Waena Standalone Battery Storage

Net AC Capacity

Up to 40 MW supplied to the grid, from 160 MWh of storage capacity

Proposed Facility Location

Central Maui. Ahupuaʻa Wailuku, Moku Pūʻali Komohana.

TMK of Facility Location



Environmental Compliance, Impacts & Permitting

County Zoning & Land Use Classification

There are no conservation easements, federal, state, or other public lands within the Project Area. The northern edge of the Project Area is located approximately 0.17 miles from the Central Maui Landfill Refuse and Recycling Center. No other conservation easements, federal, state, or other public lands were identified within one mile of the Project Area.

Preliminary Environmental Assessment

This investigation revealed no critical issues that would prevent the project from further assessment and design. Additional coordination will occur with regulatory agencies and with permitting authorities as the plans for this project develop.

Cultural Resource Impacts

Preliminary work has been done to ascertain the likelihood of archaeological and cultural resources on the project site. Initial research revealed no known archaeological or burial features on the project site.

Community Outreach

The key construct of ENGIE’s community outreach strategy is that ENGIE brings this project to the community, for the community to decide. ENGIE recognizes it is an outsider, but humbly comes to listen, engage, and ensure this project is a good fit.

In addition to the environmental and economic benefits of enabling more clean energy on Maui, ENGIE Hawaiʻi will utilize its experience in Hawaiʻi’s public schools to educate the community about renewable energy through public tours, student STEM (science / technology / engineering / math) enrichment programs, professional development for teachers, a fellowship program, and scholarships.

Informing stakeholders, businesses, schools, and the neighboring communities during all phases of the project includes a strategy of open and frequent communication. ENGIE can identify the scope of the project to inform the aforementioned stakeholders in a multitude of offerings throughout the project, including educational outreach.

ENGIE’s preliminary discussions with community members and leaders did not indicate opposition, but rather, support for this clean energy project.

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