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Global experience for local solutions


ENGIE’s experience around the world includes providing clean, affordable energy in the Pacific for over 70 years and in Hawai‘i for over a decade. ENGIE Hawai‘i brings global expertise to our local energy challenges through a team of kama‘āina who have been serving Hawai‘i for over a decade. Our team is based on O‘ahu and Hawai‘i Island.

Island thinking, island solutions

Islands face issues that increasingly need to be addressed systematically. The limited availability of resources on islands represents both a challenge and an opportunity for spearheading innovative, integrated approaches to clean energy. ENGIE’s goal is to help islands reduce their energy consumption and environmental footprint, and facilitate links within their local ecosystems, with an ambition to help foster a seamless transition to a more decarbonized, decentralized islands.

Bringing efficiency and sustainability to Hawaiʻi’s public schools

Through an innovative partnership to reduce its environmental impact and also to change community practices surrounding energy use, Hawaiʻi’s public school system partnered with ENGIE Hawaiʻi to design and build a program called Ka Hei – a five-year sustainability program integrating innovative energy technology with meaningful learning experiences, while reducing energy costs through extensive solar installations and various energy efficiency upgrades.

Honowai Elementary

Capturing the congruous relationship between the energy and educational initiatives, the program is aptly titled, Ka Hei, for a specific type of snare made with ropes that the heroic demigod Māui used to harness the power of the sun in Hawaiian tradition. Ka Hei also means “to absorb as knowledge or skill.”

Hawai‘i’s public school system — Honowai Elementary School in Waipahu, O‘ahu

Honowai Elementary School in Waipahu, Oʻahu, was recognized as a U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon School for its innovative efforts to reduce environmental impact and utility costs, improve health and wellness, and ensure effective sustainability education.

Hawai‘i’s public school system — uniting efforts to achieve Hawai‘i’s ambitious renewable energy goals

Advancing the sustainability of Pacific Islands

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